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1965 Born in Hartford, Connecticut.

1974 Moved to Las Vegas with family. Father becoming a blackjack dealer.

1978 Wants to become a “commerical artist” after seeing the movie, Xanadu.

1981 Continues to make sketches and drawings for friends—thinking it’s still a hobby.

1983 Finally graduates high school, but still no desire to attend college.

1984-86 Worked lots of odd jobs to make money and support my “fashion” habit, such as dental assistant and waitress.

1987 Moves to Los Angeles in hopes of finding my true calling—living on the beach!

1987 Promptly moves back to Las Vegas because my “calling” wasn’t found in L.A.

1988 Decided at the age of 23 that it’s time to start college. Moved to NYC to attend Parsons School of Design, only to get shot down after my portfolio review.

1988–89 Figured I’d better do something to enhance my portfolio, so I attend a trade school and study Fashion Design.

1989–90 Finally got accepted to Parsons—but promptly
switch major to Graphic Design. Soon realized that sewing is not my thing.

1990 Moved to Colorado to become a ski bum—oh, and to transfer to Colorado State University.

1993 Met my husband through rugby. He played, I played—match made in heaven!

1994 Got married. Quit school (junior year).

1999 Had a baby girl, Emma Elizabeth.

2000–01 Started working for Crate & Barrel selling furniture. Two week training in Chicago. After seeing Chicago, touring the C&B corporate headquarters and seeing their graphic design department, I knew I needed to go back to school and finish my degree in design.

2001 Started a new semester fall 2001.

2003 Started my freelance business, One Girl Creative. Figured I’d dive in head first and see what I’m capable of.

2005 Finally after 4 years of being “back” in school and raising a toddler, I graduate college with my BFA in graphic design from CSU—turned 40 this same year! Lots of accomplishments.

2005 Now it’s time to get into the trenches called the work force.

2006 Decided to be a stay-at-home mom to my now 7 year old daughter. Needless to say, I’m bored out of my wits.

2007 Kooky creative odyssey continues. Branches out into new categories - pop art, acrylic paintings. Finds it increasingly difficult to make time to watch The Sopranos.

2009 Celebrating a new era with a new President. We can only go up from here!